Come record with me!

Got an EP or Album in the works? A single? Need to record demo's or audition tapes? Whether you're looking to go all out with your production or working on a smaller budget I can help. I use a flexible pro and home studio workflow allowing for the best use of your studio time.

I also have a host of instruments available to help enrich your recordings. All of which are availible without extra charge.

This includes:
- A Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jag Bass
- Gibson SG
- Danelectro DC59
- Martin Acoustic
- Korg MS-20
- Moog Slim Phatty
- Vox AC15
- Selection of Pedals


Photos by Jacob Holdsworth except top left which is by Mike Banks.

Per Day Recording + Studio:

Record with me at Woodworm Studios, a beautiful studio in the heart of Oxfordshire. Over it's long history the studio has catered to a large range of clients from Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, The Disciples, Fairport Convention and Radiohead.

With it's double height live room, 2 dubbing booths and gallery, Woodworms is large enough to record bands, choirs, string sections and much more. 

The studio is also stocked full of world class recording equipment including a 24-channel SSL Duality, PMC monitoring, a healthy collection of microphones and outboard to boot. All the equipment we need to capture amazing sounding performances.

There is also a Marshall 100W JMP, Hammond (With leslie) and Yamaha G2 Piano on site.

Special unsigned rates available: Contact for price

- Engineer
- Studio Hire
- Access to instruments

(Accommodation available on request)

Please contact me to book or ask any questions you may have.
Studio Website:


Home Production Services:

Why would you want to rent a whole studio for stuff that can be done in a smaller facility? 

This is the perfect place for me to edit and prepare your recordings for the mixing phase. While there isn't enough space to record your whole projects, there is enough equipment to record more basic elements to enhance your tracks. 

A guitar part that needs redoing? Some extra vocal harmonies? Some hand percussion or acoustic guitar? All things well within the capabilities of this space.

Tech Specs:
- 8 Recording Inputs
- AE-22 Studio Monitoring
- Pro Tools

- Access to instruments
- 3x SM57s, 2x NT2a


And More...

Naturally there's a lot more I can offer. If you're a band going on tour in need of an engineer, looking to record demos at a rehearsal space, looking for someone to help you get your ideas down etc... I can help or at the very least, point you in the right direction.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, be them small or large I'll make sure to get back to you so we can discuss what you're looking for. I'm always happy to help!